Complete Overview

IndEx searches and compares millions of flights from more than 728 airlines companies worldwide, 45 online travel agencies and more than 67 online booking system to assure you get the complete overview of all available deals. Not only flights, we also search, find and compare the best deals for hotels.

Totally Free !

Once you find your flight or hotel of your preference, we will direct you to the airline or the online travel agent of your choice where you will proceed the transaction of your booking. We don't sell you anything here. We don’t charge you anything for using our web service and no hidden fees. It’s completely free.

It is Safe

We only generate the list of the best deal options where you can choose yourself. We don’t sell ticket nor process any transaction. Your confidentiality and your safety is our highest priority. Please learn more in our website about some useful tips and tricks of how to select and process the online ticket booking safely.

Integrated Tool in One Pocket

IndEx does not only provide search engine tool. It also provides others tools to accompany your travelling abroad such as IndExplore to find the best places and services around you. We also have IndExtour that offers you more than 50000 activities and interesting tour packages from our partners worldwide.


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